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Remembering one Raoul Wallenberg by Milos Kovacevic in The Concordian

Project aims to teach humanity rather than passivity in the face of atrocity

Concordia will co-host a special panel discussion on Wednesday, Oct. 29 in memory of a Swedish diplomat whose intercession, at personal risk, saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from Nazi extermination. His willingness to remain in danger for the sake of others ultimately led to his disappearance after arrest by Soviet authorities sure of his complicity as a spy. For this he was eventually made Canada’s first honorary citizen in 1985.

The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) is organizing the event.

“I was impressed by MIGS’ hands-on approach consisting of advocacy, organizing conferences, and professional training,” said Daniel Haboucha, a research associate for the organization who has been involved with the initiative for quite some time. With a background on international humanitarian and human rights law, he was interested in using Wallenberg as a tool for public awareness in the light of genocide prevention.

“I was very enthusiastic about the opportunity to work on the Raoul Wallenberg project and contribute to public education and awareness around this important historical figure, making his legacy relevant to a contemporary audience,” he said, adding the project was started by former MIGS intern Isadora Hellegren through the Swedish Institute, the organization highlighting Swedish contributions abroad. Read More

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