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In Honour of Raoul Wallenberg: New York


The New York State Senate proclaimed October 5th as the Raoul Wallenberg Day of Commemoration in New York, and a commemorative stamp was released by the US Postal Service and presented to New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani on May 2nd, 1997.



In Sea Cliff, New York (46 Brown Street), there is a statue of Raoul Wallenberg which immortalizes his mission of saving innocent unknown lives. His life-saving work is also memorialized in a bronze bust in the New York Public Library, but especially powerfully in the majestic “Hope” monument located across the United Nations building (47th Street and First Avenue). Featuring five large pillars, the memorial includes powerful quotes made by Wallenberg, facts about his life and his courage in saving countless others, as well as his unknown fate. 

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